Welcome to Macroeconomics Tutor.

This site contains a set of four videos demonstrating the Hicks-Hansel model of Keynes'  theory of Aggregate Demand, specifically the IS-LM interpretation. These topics are usually taught in an intermediate Macroeconomics  class and these videos are intended as a visual aid to further your understanding of the models.

The videos focus on the algebraic and graphical representations of the model so if you are unfamiliar with the concepts, I have provided some links in the text to supplement the videos. There are slight variations in the model from textbook to textbook, please view the Help page for any disambiguation. 

The first video covers the background knowledge, stuff you probably covered in an introductory course. The second video introduces the IS curve for goods and services market. The third video outlines the LM curve, dealing with the money market. The final video puts the two together and demonstrates how they relate to Aggregate Demand.